In the course of the year, volunteers organize several activities open to all in order to have fun while raising funds for the parish. Here is a brief overview of these activities.
1 - Annual Tithe - mailing sent to all residents of Cantley spring.
2 - Dinner in the parish and draw: a Saturday in September. The announcement appears in the Semainier and in the community newspaper Echo of Cantley. Tickets for the draw are available from the month of May / June and are available by contacting the secretary.
3 - Spaghetti Supper - a Saturday in early November
4 - Bingo Turkeys - Sunday afternoon at the end of November:
What are your donations for? Regular maintenance and repairs of buildings, payment of monthly bills, service to the community.
It is also possible to support the parish through monthly tithe during the Mass of the first Saturday of the month, the Saterday offerings (with or without envelope) or the annual tithe.
Otherwise - with my talents and abilities: inwards, liturgy, funeral, sacraments, cate, plants,